Survive and Enjoy Being on Your Own at Christmas

This post is written for anybody who might not be excited about spending Christmas independently. Initially, was not really excited about it. Was single, had just moved into my flat and had no close family to spend Christmas with. Following the first, realization and despair that actually was going to be on my own, decided was going to make it through the day and have as great a time as could. Ended up having a terrific day and choose to spend Christmas on my own for many years afterwards.

Think learning to be Christmas has made me self-reliant and more resourceful. If you do not want to spend by yourself then you have alternatives. Where there are plenty of single folks, you might go on vacation woke up at 5am on a wonderfully warm and sunny Christmas day, wandered down to the shore, sat on the sand and then dipped my feet in the water. It was fun, religious and very beautiful.

Or you could spend the Day for a volunteer maybe working with the homeless or with animals in shelters. Giving your time and your energy can be quite satisfying. Believe there is much pressure and expectation to have a fun and joyous Christmas surrounded by a loving family that if you are on your own you can feel lonely and at odds with everybody else.

  1. Deciliter and clean up

Start today to have a Good deciliter and clean up. Decluttering will have a curative effect and makes you feel great. Getting into action also will enable you to lift your mood.

  1. Plan Your Christmas meals

Plan what you are going to eat and drink including breakfasts, over the festive season. If you will be spending christmas countdown at home do not forget to have something nice for this too. If you do feel like cooking then you could always find ready meals you do need to cook traditional Christmas Food. This is your day; you can have anything you want.

  1. Buy Yourself a Present or Two

Treat yourself Two or present and wrap it up so that you have something.

  1. Plan what You Are Going To Do

Plan what you are Going to do play DVD’s, listen to music, watch TV or PlayStation games, or you may go online to talk to others on Face book, forums or Twitter. Or curl up with a book that is great. Do not watch movies that are sad or listen to music that is sad. Find something to make you laugh.

  1. Start off well

Open the blinds to allow the light in window opens to fresh the room. Have a bubble bath or shower, wear makeup, cologne or aftershave, and get dressed and have spent the day do makeup and my own hair before putting in my socks that were comfy, and have a bubble bath beforehand.