Real werewolf is there any exist in the world

Werewolves are iconic creatures that are said to be the half human creatures show off during the night. Werewolf is something that has been involved in the culture of human since the human civilization has started. There were many prank stories about the existence of real werewolves in different places of the country. Recently, in Brazil, a video was published showing a werewolf like creature running on the street and it was captured on 28th march, 2016. People in Brazil are quite shocked and feared of this creature. The werewolf is a creature which is described a monster because a person will turn into a huge beast like wolf during the full moon and it will attack everything that comes into its sight.

If you live or work in Brazil, you should lock your doors, hide your chickens and close your windows. This seems strange if you believe that werewolf is real and it exists. People who want to know about the werewolf in Brazil can check out the video to find if it is a real one or someone who wears a costume with fur. Many people belief that this could be a prank while some people truly believe that it is a real werewolf. Brazil has a record or history of pulling great werewolf pranks like this one. When people browse the web they can find more prank stories about the werewolves. Many people have claimed that they are werewolves and they have a strange habit during full moon. If you want to see the actions of this creature, you can watch the video of real werewolves here.

Many of us have been scared in our childhoods when we heard the stories about these strange creatures. After we grown up we do not believe on those strange and unreal creatures. Even though there are several forums sharing the personal stories and experiences about these creatures scientifically there are not true because such creatures do not exist in this universe real werewolves. Some stories said that people have hunted werewolves in the 16th century. But, they were only wolves and not strange creatures. Stories have been narrated on wolves to make people fear of something. If you want to know more about these creatures, you can find many forums available online where you can find pictures, videos and stories about werewolves.