How to lose weight without dieting and give up beloved food?

There is an excellent way to reduce your weight without following the diet programs and as well don’t give up your favorite food. That wonderful way is pursuing and following the Eat Stop Eat book.This offers only the simple strategy to lose weight that is, doing 24 hours fastingfor a week. You caneatany of your favorite food and keep your regular eating lifestyle for five days a week and you have to fast for two 24 hours per a week. When you have a time to do fast, you can, there is no rule for this.

Lose weight text with measure tape and fruits
Lose weight text with measure tape and fruits

This 24 hour fasting will improve your diet plan by reducing considerable weight and as well as it will give growth for metabolic hormones and caters lot of health benefits. Some of the perks that offered by Eat Stop Eat book is described in this article.

Unique perks of Eat Stop Eat:

One of the scientific research,test this Eat Stop Eat schema with the group of people and it proved the following benefits of the Eat Stop Eat book.

  • Foreverlasting weight loss, you no need to keep timingand eat every 3 hours and no need to estimate your calorie level.
  • While fasting, you will not feel hungry and your metabolism will not get slowed down. Instead of that, your metabolism rate will regulate.
  • A short period of fasting to lose weight will increase your testosterone levels and maintain the healthy levels.
  • This will help you to free from the addiction of food.
  • You can enjoy your life normally andspend your time with friends and eat whatever you want.
  • The Eat Stop Eat programs does ask you to take expensive food, you can save your money.
  • You no need to take any supplement or pills for your diet and a good weight loss program never rely on any supplements.