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Every country in the World has its own immigration policies and legislation. Immigration laws refer to the federal government policies that control the occurrence of immigration to their country. These laws differ from country to country and depend upon prevailing political conditions in the country which influence against and for the favor of new immigrants. Immigration laws of a Country are governed by the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which states that each of the countries allow entry to its own citizens. The worldwide immigration laws come into action when someone applies for a passport, journeys from his native country to another country or seeks to enter another country for education or employment. There are various push and pull factors for immigration. Push variables refer mostly to the motive of emigration in the native country.

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Economic migration because of differential wage rates is the most obvious element. Escape from poverty in the event of labor emigration is a push element that is conventional. Natural disasters activate poverty related emigration. Employment opportunities and better education standards are important pull factors for immigration. Immigration and emigration are compulsory in contracts of employment. Religious missionaries, employees of international corporations, international nongovernmental organizations and diplomatic officers are expected to work overseas. They are often known as Expatriates. Retirement migration from wealthy countries to low cost countries with greater climatic conditions and relaxed lifestyle is a new kind of worldwide migration. Certain countries maintain strict laws that govern the right of entrance and inner rights after immigration.

 These rights include length of stay and the right to take part in the government. Most countries have laws regulating the practice of naturalization by which immigrants may become citizens of the nation. To immigrate to a country one wants to apply for a visa, the type and category is dependent upon the length of stay and purpose and also upon the regulating immigration laws of the host nation and Click here this article fundamentally there are two visa categories, the immigrant or non immigrant visas. An individual may apply for the immigration group if he’s intending to settle permanently. The non immigrant classes include student and tourist visas. Prior to applying for a visa, one should understand the host nation’s immigrations laws, gap between cultures, financial and educational eligibilities and other document related obligations. To offer visa related aid, Immigration services are offered by various Immigration Law companies.