Bitcoin mixer for any income and cryptocurrency – A brief Bestmixer review

Description: It doesn’t matter how much you earn and which coins you have because Bestmixer is a commonly used service for cryptocurrency mixing. Describing its main features and additional details we’ll decide whether it’s convenient or not.

Bestmixer is a new service created for a modern situation. It’s hard to stay anonymous on the Internet plus there are many risks of being robbed. This website helps to avoid your personal information from being leaked. How can it be possible? Let’s look.


Names and addresses are inaccessible

When users start mixing there’s no space for filling in a name, it doesn’t matter. Addresses are also protected – an incoming address is automatically generated for every mixing and after 24 hours it’s deleted as all details about the operation. You can read more about it here: Also, the creators hide their names and data centers location to reach a higher level of anonymity.

Types of currency, fees and mixing pools

Bestmixer isn’t only a Bitcoin mixer, it also works with Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and soon there’ll be Ethereum. The fees depend on the type but they all are reasonable. The minimum price for any coin is 0,5%, the maximum varies. And one more thing why people like Bestmixer is an ability to choose a mixing pool. There are three of them (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) and they consist of different money from clients’ to investors’.

So, no matter what your incomes are if you use Bestmixer. It’s a worldwide service not only because of the variety of coins but its translation into 11 languages. We recommend trying it even for creating an opinion.